16 July 2012


Swami Premananda 
Swami Premananda is one of the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna. Sri Ramakrishna particulary praised the young man's purity, saying that, when he was in a high spiritual mood, Baburam was one of the only few he could bear to have touch him.

Ramakrishna would say of him that he had the nature of a woman; adding that he was like a clean new pot in which milk could safely be kept without fear of its turning sour. Yet this self-effacing young man matured into a marvellous teacher and trainer of the young, during the period when, as Swami Premananda, he virtually presided over the Ramakrishna Math (monastery) at Belur, from 1902 to 1916.

Sri Sarada Devi
Who has understood the Holy Mother? Who can understand her? You have heard about Sita, Savitri, Vishnupriya and Radhrani. The Holy Mother occupies a far higher place. Not even the slightest trace of divine powers was noticeable in her. Sri Ramakrishna, however, had vidy powers. Many were  the occasions when we witnessed his trances and ecstasies. But in the Holy Mother even the Vidya-powers were conceded. What a supreme power that! Victory undo the Mother!  Victory undo the Mother!  Victory undo the Mother!  Don’t you see how many people are rushing on! The poison which we cannot digest, we just pass on to the Mother. And she gives refuge to everyone. Infinite is her power! Unbounded her mercy! Victory undo the Mother! 

What to speak of us-we have not found even Sri Ramakrishna doing this. Even he used to accept people after a lot of testing and screening. And what do you find here, in the case of the Mother? Astonishing! Amazing! She is giving refuge to all and digesting the sins of all. Mother! Mother! Victory undo the Mother! 

The exalted Empress has of her own accord appeared as the indigent women. She sweeps floors, scores vessels, husks paddy and even removes the leaving of devotees after food. She has been undergoing great hardships at Jayrambati in order to teach the householders their duties. Infinite patience, unbounded mercy and above all the negation of even the slightest race of egotism.