6 August 2013



Sri Sarada Devi
21. "God-realization can be had at any time by the grace of God, but there is a difference between it and what comes in the fullness of time."

22. "Can the mango which ripens out of season be as sweet as the one which ripens in the month of Jyeshta, that is, the proper season? Men are trying to get fruits out of season. … But these are not as sweet as those found in the proper season. This is also true of the efforts that lead to God-realization. Perhaps you practise some Japa and austerities in this life; in the next life you may intensify the spiritual mood and in the following life you advance further." 23. Disciple: "Mother, I have practised austerities and Japa so much, but I have not achieved anything."

 Mother: "God is not like fish or vegetables that you can buy Him for a price."
24. "There is no such rule that the grace of God will fall on one simply because one is practising austerities. In olden days the rishis practised austerities for thousands of years with their feet up and head down and a lighted fire burning under them. Even then, only some received the grace of God."

25. "Do you know, my child, what it is like? It is just like a candy in the hand of a child. Some people beg the child to part with it. But he does not care to give it to them. Still he easily hands it over to another whom he likes. A manperforms severe austerity and spiritual practices throughout his life to realize God, but he does not succeed, whereas another man gets his realization practically without any effort. It depends upon the grace of God. He bestows His grace upon anyone He likes. Grace is the important thing."

26. Mother: "God is like a child, you know. He denies some who seek and of Himself gives to some who do not. Perhaps such people had highly evolved souls from their previous lives. That is why they receive His grace."

 Disciple: "Then distinctions are made even in the matter of grace?"
 Mother: "Certainly, it is all according to one's Karma. Once the bonds of Karma are sundered, one realizes God." …

Disciple: "Mother, I admit that spiritual exercise, exhaustion of past Karma, and proper time — all these are factors in the attainment of spiritual knowledge. But if God is our own, why should He not show Himself out of His grace?"
Mother: "That is right. But who has this faith that He is his own? All take up religion as a matter of form. How many really want God?"

27. "Be sincere in your practice, words and deeds. You will feel blessed! His blessings are always showered on all creatures on the earth. It is needless to ask for it. Practise meditation sincerely and you will understand His infinite grace. God wants sincerity, truthfulness and love. Outward verbal effusions do not touch Him."

28. "How many are there who truly want to realize God? Where is that earnestness? They, no doubt, profess great devotion and longing, but they feel satisfied when they get even a tiny bit of enjoyment. They say, 'Ah, how kind is God!' "

29. "If you don't call upon God — indeed many people never even remember Him — what does it matter to Him? It is your own misfortune. Such is the Maya of God, He keeps them ignorant of Him saying, 'They are happy enough, let them be so!'"

30. "Whatever you yearn for, that you will get." 

SOURCE: saradadevi.info/THM