26 October 2013


SWAMI ADBHUDANANDA on the holy mother: Mother is Lakshmi HERSELF

A Brief Life of Swami Adbhudananda:
Swami Adbhudananda, a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna served him with
Swami Adbhudananda
dedication until the latter’s death. He could not even read or write though Sri Ramakrishna tried to teach him. He was born of very poor parents in a village in Bihar. He lost his parents in early boyhood. Poverty forced his uncle to take him to Kolkata where Latu was employed as a houseboy in the house of Ramachandra Datta, a close devotee of Sri Ramakrishna. The Master recognized the dormant spiritual potential in the boy and asked Ram to allow Latu to stay at Dakshineswar as an attendant. Under the guidance of the Master Latu practised intense sadhana, spending whole nights in meditation and realised God. After Sri Ramakrishna’s passing, Latu joined Baranagar Math, and was ordained a sannyasin bearing the name Adbhutananda. He, however, spent most of his time in contemplation on the bank of the Ganga or in a room in Balaram Babu’s house. After some years Adbhutananda moved to Varanasi where he continued his sadhana. At the end of a brief ailment he passed away in a meditative state on 24 April 1920.

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Sri Sarada Devi
Immediately after establishing the Math, Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) installed there the dust of Mother’s feet which is being worshipped in the Belur Math even today. As long as the Math will be there this worship will go on. Only Swamiji understood the Mother. None else had the idea that she was Lakshmi Herself. Whom to tell all these things! To comprehend her grace one requires a lot of austerities. Your regard for the Mother is mere talk! To understand her one has to practise austerities. Then will flow her grace, by which one can know her. It is then that one’s claim to the effect that one knows the Mother s fruitful.

Make the Mother your ideal. No use coming to me. The Mother herself is there, to know whom, I have been sitting here. It is a great fortune that you have received the Mother’s instructions. Where can one find such renunciation as in the Mother?

What at all shall say to the Mother? She comes to know everything. My mother, that Mother of Dakshineswar! Is there any comparison to Mother’s grace? Does the Mother expect anything from us? No expectation, only selfless compassion-she gives refuge to all so that they may remember God at least in the morning and evening and lead pure life. Look at this boy who cannot speak and has no home; even him the Mother blessed.

You have been with me for such a long time. I wrote letters to so many people. You could have asked me why I do not write to the Mother. Do you know why I do not write to the Mother? My Mother knows my past, future and everything. What is the point in writing to her just for a public show? What is the necessity of writing to one who knows everything about my past, present and future? One has to write to them who do not understand.

I do not speak about the Mother in all and sundry places, because all won’t understand or they will rather misunderstand.  Generally talk about Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda.

Will the Mother become a stranger to me just because do not go to see her? You ask, how do I look upon the Mother. She is Mother Lakshmi and she is sometimes Sita.     
SOURCE: Sri Sarada Devi, the Great Wonder